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Halo 1 Free Download For PC | Alien War Games | Combat Evolved (CE)

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Halo 1 Free Download For PC - Halo: Combat Evolved Alien War Game

Halo: Combat Evolved is a science fictional first person shooter videog game deveploped by Bunjie Studios in which human race fights with aliens. Storyline is provided to player through the instruction manual and by scripted events. Game's graphic engine renders different cut-scenes to the player to deliver the story. In xbox version there are two choices to play the game first player can play lonely, second game allows two players to play through the split screen, PC version allows only one player to complete the campaign. Halo 1 game campaign consists of ten levels the pillar of autumn, halo, assault on the control room, 343 guilty spark, the silent cartographer, the truth and reconciliation, the library, keyes, two betrayals and last one is the maw. Gamers who are fond of alien war games, it is the best choice for them.


Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Download Free | PC War Games

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Free Download For PC

At last Infinity Ward realized the demand of modern warfare in the modern age, gamers have already played world war II games, therefore the released the Call of Duty 4 With addition of Modern Warfare title. Its story is fictional, having brief but extraordinary single player campaign and amazing multiplayer gameplay. Identifying the current objective is very simple, there is a compass at the bottom of your display which guides you to the direction of your recent objective. But it is not easy to reach the destination easily you have to face the fierce fire of enemies for getting into the objective location. Visualls of explosions and characters are fabulous, sound and other effects are also praiseworthy. In war games this title by Cod series has a good reputation and it is played yet.

Download MotoGP 08 PC Bike Game Free | Best PC Bike Games

MotoGP 08 Free Download For PC Best Bike Game

Capcom released MotoGP 08 after getting the license from THQ. It provides great entertainment to the bike games lovers with its addictive gameplay. Gameplay has three difficulty setups arcade which is best for beginners, advanced for the players who have got some experience and simulation for the full trained bike players. It consists of all standarad racing modes, like championship event, career mode, time attack and quick race. Career mode includes 18 events where you will race against top level racers. In time attack you can set different records on several tracks. If your skills of handling the bike are good you can unlock new more challenging events. In the category of bike games motogp 08 deserves the high rank. Game graphics and effects are so cool that the gamer can not judge about its virtuality.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Free Download PC Car Racing Game

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 released on the based upon of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, it is the sixth game of this tremendous series. It is an arcade style racing video game, where player has two options of gameplay, either he can becomer a racer to compete with other racers and to evade from the police or he can play as a cop to bust the racers. As it is clear from game's name that it focuses on pursuits. This game consists of challenge, hot pursuit, quick race and be the cop modes. It provides different race modes like knockout, circuit, point to point, time trial and tournament in which racers points are noticed and at the end, racer with highest score become the winner of this tournament.

Nitro Racers Free Download Full Version | PC Car Racing Games

Free Download Nitro Racers Full Version PC Car Racing Game

Free download full version low size but enjoyable car racing video game Nitro Racers. It can be played on pentium to i-core PC's. Modern 3d graphics, original sound effects, very addictive gameplay and real racing game without limitations. In this game you will drive a nitro booste car, ten different tracks to race, win races to earn points, these points will unlock new cars for racing.

Call of Duty 2 Free PC Game Download | War Games

Free download Call of Duty 2 pc first person shooter/war game. Setup file of Cod 2 gun fighting video game.

Call of Duty 2 Free Download PC War Game

Call of Duty 2 is also known as game of the year, it is second edition by Call of Duty series, providing quality war games. It offers more intense and realitic combat than ever before, seamless gameplay and mind blowing graphics. It was also rewarded with over 80 Game of the Year awards, Visual effects like snow, fog, rain with dynamic lighting was also noticed by the lovers of first person shooter video games. Multiplayer option and well designed campaigns increased its reputation among the games related to its category. You will fight different campaigns in this game like in soviet campaign as you will fight as a private of Soviet army against the German troops. In the final campaign you will play the role of American corporal in Europe. You can play the whole game in 10 hours in regular mode, but if you increase the difficulty level it will take more time and thinking than the regular difficulty game mode. Unlike other games there are no blood and guts everwhere, which make it playable for teen agers. You can select any mission for playing once you have completed the campaign, this option was not available in its previous version. Rating among the war games for this tremendous game is very high, yet it is enjoyed by most gamers. Get the demo of this marvelous game and enjoy extra ordinary first person shooter video game on you PC.

Need for Speed Carbon Download for PC Free | Best Racing Game

Need for Speed Carbon download for PC free, top video game in the category of car racing games. Video gameplay, screenshots and cheats of nfs carbon.

Need for Speed Carbon Free Download for PC

After the successfull launch of Most Wanted in 2005, EA proceeded with Need for Speed Carbon in 2006. Change in gameplay of Carbon is different from others as it is based upon street racing crews competitions, which are mananged by the players by hiring the specific street racers. Every hired racer has 2 skills first is racing skill, and seconed one is non-racing. Players select a class before starting the career, which will remain permanent. As the players progresses the game and gain Reward Cards a new class of cars is unlocked. Career mode is about winning the racing tracks for conquering the different territories of the city. Players have to win against three bosses to challenge the fourth borough's boss. Gamers who love to play racing games, must try this marvelous game. Mind blowing graphics, visualls and sound effects are its characteristics which are definitely noticed by the gamers.

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